In the United States 21.1 million people are in need of specialty treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and need that treatment to happen at a drug rehab center. The age groups affected  by substance abuse issues include teens but extend through every age group. It is estimated that every addict will impact an average of five other people. So, it not only the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol that feels the pain and loss of functioning, it is sometimes an entire family unit, including friends, neighbors, and co-workers, that will experience it. At 180 Ministries, our approach is to deal in a holistic fashion with each individual. This allows us to look beyond the symptomatic issue of alcohol and drugs and to confront issues of past abuse, alienation, poor coping skills, poor education, poor working habits and lack of self esteem.

Teen Challenge Rocky Mountains offers a hope-filled path toward drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehab for teens and adults struggling with addictions. Each student of Teen Challenge shares these goals: to join their family and community as a person who is physically-well, mentally-sound, emotionally-balanced, socially-adjusted and spiritually-alive!