Women and their children, caught in a cycle of dysfunction and abuse, are given the opportunity to experience recovery, hope, and a promising future. The Women and Women with Children Program of 180 Ministries is a turning point to a fresh start! Women who struggle with life-controlling issues like alcoholism and drug addiction can find restoration and recovery when they make a decision to get help. 180 Ministries specializes in recovery from addiction.

How does the program work?

Women/women with children is a one year program, with an option for a second year, which gives individuals a chance for recovery from the bondage of addiction, and hope for a future.

In the first year, women are immersed in the Word of God and work through the Teen Challenge curriculum to find answers and healing from the abandonment and abuse which often times led them into the cycle of addiction.

They also join in the work that it takes to run a kitchen, daycare and upkeep of the building and grounds. Classes are taught on daily living, which include Parenting, Finance, and Life Skills.

In the second year, we offer transitional living. Individuals are provided with an apartment and assimilate into the surrounding communities by finding a job, learning to budget and taking care of themselves and their children with the covering and structure of the program. During this time daycare is provided for their children in our Noah's Ark Daycare, where the children learn about their Creator and the love He has for them.  A mentor is assigned to each woman entering the program to "walk beside them," praying with them and supporting them on their journey.

Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is very serious business and very difficult to do alone. We provide a structured and safe environment as we help women learn to live again; live a life free from addiction and abuse.