180 Ministries offers a drug rehab program for men 18 years old and older who are dealing with a variety of drug and alcohol related issues, including alcoholism, drug addiction and other life-controlling issues. Our residential recovery program for men promotes accountability and encourages healing the whole person from the bondage of addiction.

How does the program work?

Teen Challenge Rocky Mountain’s 180 Ministries is a seven-step program that typically continues for one year. Length of the program is determined on a case by case basis, depending on an individual’s completion of the academic requirements for each step, compliance with rules and polices and personal growth. It is our desire to provide opportunities for each student to thoroughly deal with all substance abuse related behavior and thinking.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious issues that affect the health and well-being of every aspect of a person’s life. Mental health, family life and job responsibilities all suffer when the inner core of a person is in full-blown addiction. All other things become secondary to the need to satisfy the habit.

MIND, BODY & SPIRIT: Addressing the whole person

180 Ministries’ comprehensive, residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Denver offers services focused on the whole individual: mind, body and spirit. Total recovery may not happen if the whole person is not addressed.

It is our aim to return the addicted individual back to his family and community as a caring, responsible individual who is able to thrive as a productive and well-adjusted person. A complete 180.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, prison and internal misery don’t have to be the end of the road. In fact, it is often at “rock bottom” that a person sees the need to embrace change and take the first step to getting help.

180 Ministries in Denver Colorado is a drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation program for men, age 18 and older. For services for those under 18, please click here.

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We have helped those who are struggling with life-controlling issues like drug and alcohol abuse, meth abuse, cocaine abuse, lsd abuse, marijuana abuse, pills and much more. Please contact us today at our Denver location to get started.

Witness what its like to follow a student around the 180 Ministries Men's program. See the men laugh, play pranks, pray for each other and everything in between.