What Is 180 Ministries for Girls Teen Challenge Program?

180 Ministries for Girls | Teen Challenge is a 15-month faith-based, residential recovery program for girls 12 to 17 years of age who struggle with life-controlling problems such as behavioral challenges and drug or alcohol abuse. 180ministries.net/girls

What Is Sponsorship At 180 Ministries for Girls?

You can sponsor a student at 180 Ministries for Girls | Teen Challenge and make an investment that can help restore a life for just $35 each month! When you choose to sponsor a student you will receive:

  • A Profile Of The Student You're Supporting
  • Personal Updates About Your Student
  • Opportunities To Write Your Student
  • An Invitation To Your Student's Graduation



Nicole's Story

Nicole grew up in an unstable home where drug abuse and physical violence were familiar threats. She began smoking marijuana to "get away from it all" and quickly escalated to crystal meth. "I felt abandoned and unloved. To replace that feeling, I started smoking dope. I was verbally abusive to my mom, stole from her, and rejected all authority."

Not knowing what to do, Nicole's mom sent her to 180 Ministries for Girls. When she arrived, she was very angry and didn't think she needed help.

"Through Christ, the staff showed me non-stop love and forgiveness. Because of their compassion, I am learning how to love and forgive others...and myself."

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