Elliott’s greatest accomplishment was the way he brought light to everyone he made contact
with. He was a jokester, a full-time spirit lifter. He danced a lot, even knowing how goofy he
looked. He made friends quickly and proved his loyalty even quicker. He put a lot into what he
was passionate about, including spending time out on the green, hip-hop, and sneakers. His
relationships ran deep—he made it a point to stay connected to his oldest friends even if life
got in the way. He cared a lot for his family, including the ones who weren’t related by blood.
Elliott’s life was full of laughter, regardless of his struggle. Because of this, his family wants to
honor his 29 years of life by spreading a message of joy and hope.

Elliott made a lot of friends, and eventually made some who introduced him to the drug scene.
His addiction had its ups and downs—burned bridges and healed wounds. He was one of the
ones to maintain a good career that kept up with his lifestyle and spending habits. The
beginning of his all-time low was when his run ins with the law became overbearing. Instead of
jail time, he negotiated going to a rehabilitation facility in Texas for one month. He truly did give
it his all, we believe he genuinely sought out freedom from what burdened him. While we
appreciate his month of sobriety, it’s hard to see it fondly because of its inconclusiveness and
lack of success.

Our family truly believes in and stands behind the nature and values of 180 Ministries. The sole
aspect of the program being 12 months long is something we view as absolutely necessary, and
just the beginning of helping an addict change his life. We have come to realize that addiction
does not discriminate, and it isn’t fought off halfheartedly or without extreme regard. Because
of this, we believe that Jesus is the foundation of all true healing. 180 Ministries does an
exceptional job at providing an atmosphere for even the most engulfed addicts to run into Him.
For the one year anniversary of Elliott being gone, we have focused our efforts in honoring his
name to benefit 180. This program doesn’t just shift brain chemistry and bad habits, it changes
hearts and minds. Elliott would have been extremely fortunate to find it. It’s important to move
forward continually after such profound loss, and we want nothing more than to see more lives
changed. A lot of men desire the kind of life change 180 provides, but cannot afford to get in.
With it being a non-profit ministry, donor funding is huge. Each gift is prayed for with reverence
and helps to get the deeply lost and broken to a place where they are found and healed. If you
know our family, knew Elliott, or simply want to support the efforts of this program, your
donation will stretch far and wide. We are so grateful for all of the ways you can come
alongside our family and 180.

In Jesus,
Jane Lewis